100g Fresh beef steak tartar

285 Kč

150g Smoked beef tongue with horseradish

169 Kč

Selection of cheese, olivies

289 Kč

200g Selection of homemade sausages, mustard, pickled onions

249 Kč


1pc Marinated hermelin with chilli pesto

129 Kč

150g Small sausages, mustard and horseradish

159 Kč

100g Pepper-garlic pork belly with mustard

155 Kč

110g Olomouc cheese with butter, onion and mustard

149 Kč

150g Homemade pork head cheese with onion

149 Kč

4ks Fried jalapeños, sauerkraut

159 Kč

200g Homemade potatoe chips with garlic dip

179 Kč

200g Baked french fries with garlic dip

179 Kč

80g Roastbeef with mustard and horseradish

195 Kč


350 ml Savory beef broth with meat, vegetables and noodles

79 Kč

350 ml Soup of the day

79 Kč


1,5kg Roasted pork knee with mustard, horseradish and sour cabbage

599 Kč

300g Traditional austrian braised beef in savory broth with spinach, potato rösti and apple horseradish

579 Kč


250g Dumpling with egg, pickled cucumber

159 Kč

180g Meatloaf, boiled potatoes, mustard, pickled cucumber

219 Kč

150g Pork lungs with cream sauce, dumplings

219 Kč

150g Beef goulash with dumplings

285 Kč

150g Beef sirlion with cream sauce and dumplings

285 Kč

150g Pork roasts with sour cabbage and dumplings

255 Kč

200g Sautéed chicken steak

229 Kč

150g Chicken schnitzel

229 Kč

150g Pork tenderloin cutlets

229 Kč

150g Beef wrap with sausage, egg and pickle, rice

295 Kč

250g Roasted duck with cabbage and dumplings

319 Kč

120g Fried cheese with homemade tartar sauce

179 Kč